Sunday, January 22, 2006

Day Four

I don't know why I'm putting these entries in days as Karl has been up the allotment far more times this week than me! (The joys of flexi-time!)
We bought some wood chippings in the B&Q sale (£1.49 for 100 ltr) and we're now trying to get a path underway asap!! Garlic is sprouting nicely although I'm a bit concerned about frost and we're both looking a bit doubtful with the broad beans. No sign of life from under the fleece! Lots of rubbing of chins and worrying "mmmm" sounds whenever the word "bean" is mentioned! We'll see how it goes - fingers crossed!!

Garlic sprouting up by 2 inches....hopefully it will survive the rest of winter!

Jenny & Gwydion came to help out with the digging and removal of bind weed for the afternoon.

Broad bean under wraps...but is it warm enough?

Rhubarb!! It's already sprouting!!


(We also have a small bush of Rosemary but the photo came out blurrrred!) Just need some Parsley!!
"Parsley, Sage, Rosemary & Thyme....!" Simon & Garfunkel

Gwiddy digging for worms. The true gardening professional!

Jenny getting stuck in!

Spring onions by the path.

....another worm?....surely not Gwid!
Jenny with a deadly tool - a rake!!
(I say this as she managed to stick a large chunk of it into her hand which we had to pull out with tweezers!! Not a nice splinter!)

Karl & Worm hunter!

We laid down some twine to help us line out the path for our wood chippings.
(You can just about see it behind Gwydion)

As usual we worked until it was dark....beautiful sky over the surrounding houses and Roath lake.

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