Sunday, January 22, 2006

Day Five

We got just ever so slightly muddy today - We moved some of the plastic sheeting from beside the greenhouse to the area where the compost bins are and Karl pushed two wheelbarrow loads of some suspicious black compost (??) to the allotment from the bottom of the hill. (Somebody has left some black, wood chipping, charcoal type compost at the bottom of the hill which nobody seems to know exactly what it is!!) We hope that it's good for the soil but it looks suspicious. Kinda looks like the remains from a bonfire?!! Anyways - we've nabbed some and stuck some onto the plastic by the compost bins until somebody can tell us what to do with it.

We dug the pathway out again to get the remaining weeds out and we are also shifting soil upwards towards the path so that the woodchippings have edges to lean against. I raked the soil out flat and Karl dug some small trenches for some deep planks to be moved into.
As usual - the day was over far too quickly and there's still lots to do.

Hopefully the weather will start to dry a bit as I did a fancy dance by nearly slipping over onto my arse on the wet plastic!! Plastic with mud is not the greatest combination on an allotment!!

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